IupFlatLabel (since 3.25)

Creates an interface element that is a label, but it does not have native decorations. Its visual presentation can contain a text and/or an image.

It behaves just like an IupLabel, but since it is not a native control it has more flexibility for additional options.

It inherits from IupCanvas.


Ihandle* IupFlatLabel(const char *title); [in C]
iup.flatlabel{[title = title: string]} -> ih: ihandle [in Lua]
flatlabel(title) [in LED]

title: Text to be shown to the user. It can be NULL. It will set the TITLE attribute.

Returns: the identifier of the created element, or NULL if an error occurs.


Inherits all attributes and callbacks of the IupCanvas, but redefines a few attributes.

ALIGNMENT (non inheritable): horizontal and vertical alignment of the set image+text. Possible values: "ALEFT", "ACENTER" and "ARIGHT",  combined to "ATOP", "ACENTER" and "ABOTTOM". Default: "ALEFT:ACENTER". Partial values are also accepted, like "ARIGHT" or ":ATOP", the other value will be obtained from the default value. Alignment does not includes the padding area.

BACKIMAGE (non inheritable): image name to be used as background. Use IupSetHandle or IupSetAttributeHandle to associate an image to a name. See also IupImage.

BACKIMAGEZOOM (non inheritable): if set the back image will be zoomed to occupy the full background. Aspect ratio is NOT preserved. Can be Yes or No. Default: No. (since 3.25)

BORDER (creation only): the default value is "NO". This is the IupCanvas border.

BGCOLOR: ignored. It will use the background color of the native parent.

EXPAND (non inheritable): The default value is "NO". 

FGCOLOR: Text color. Default: the global attribute DLGFGCOLOR.

FITTOBACKIMAGE (non inheritable): enable the natural size to be computed from the BACKIMAGE. If BACKIMAGE is not defined will be ignored. Can be Yes or No. Default: No.

FRONTIMAGE (non inheritable): image name to be used as foreground. The foreground image is drawn in the same position as the background, but it is drawn at last. Use IupSetHandle or IupSetAttributeHandle to associate an image to a name. See also IupImage.

IMAGE (non inheritable): Image name. Use IupSetHandle or IupSetAttributeHandle to associate an image to a name. See also IupImage.

IMAGEINACTIVE (non inheritable): Image name of the element when inactive. If it is not defined then the IMAGE is used and its colors will be replaced by a modified version creating the disabled effect.

IMAGEPOSITION (non inheritable): Position of the image relative to the text when both are displayed. Can be: LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, BOTTOM. Default: LEFT.

PADDING: internal margin. Works just like the MARGIN attribute of the IupHbox and IupVbox containers, but uses a different name to avoid inheritance problems. Default value: "0x0". Alignment does not includes the padding area.

CPADDING: same as PADDING but using the units of the SIZE attribute. It will actually set the PADDING attribute. (since 3.29)

SPACING (non inheritable): spacing between the image and the text. Default: "2".

CSPACING: same as SPACING but using the units of the vertical part of the SIZE attribute. It will actually set the SPACING attribute. (since 3.29)

TITLE (non inheritable): Label's text. The '\n' character is accepted for line change.

TEXTALIGNMENT (non inheritable): Horizontal text alignment for multiple lines. Can be: ALEFT, ARIGHT or ACENTER. Default: ALEFT. (since 3.22)

TEXTWRAP (non inheritable): For single line texts if the text is larger than its box the line will be automatically broken in multiple lines. Notice that this is done internally by the system, the element natural size will still use only a single line. For the remaining lines to be visible the element should use EXPAND=VERTICAL or set a SIZE/RASTERSIZE with enough height for the wrapped lines. (since 3.25)

TEXTELLIPSIS (non inheritable): If the text is larger that its box, an ellipsis ("...") will be placed near the last visible part of the text and replace the invisible part. It will be ignored when TEXTWRAP=Yes. (since 3.25)

TEXTORIENTATION (non inheritable): text angle in degrees and counterclockwise. The text size will adapt to include the rotated space. (since 3.25)



The IupFlatLabel can contain text and image simultaneously.

The natural size will be a combination of the size of the image and the title, if any, plus PADDING and SPACING (if both image and title are present).

The IupLabel SEPARATOR attribute to configure a separator (horizontal or vertical lines) is not supported. ELLIPSIS, MARKUP and WORDWRAP IupLabel attributes are also not supported. Mnemonics are not supported.


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Normal Text Label - - Normal Image Label
FGCOLOR = "0 0 255"
(8bpp Image)
FONT = "Helvetica, 14"
  (24 bpp Image)
  (32 bpp Image)

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