TITLE (non inheritable)

Element’s title. It is often used to modify some static text of the element (which cannot be changed by the user).



Default: ""


The '\n' character usually is accepted for line change (except for menus).

The "&" character can be used to define a MNEMONIC, use "&&" to show the "&" character instead on defining a mnemonic.

If a mnemonic is defined then the character relative to it is underlined and a key is associated so that when pressed together with the Alt key activates the control.

In GTk, if you define a mnemonic using "&" and the string has an underscore, then make sure that the mnemonic comes before the underscore.

In GTK, if the MARKUP attribute is defined then the title string can contains pango markup commands. Works only if a mnemonic is NOT defined in the title. Not valid for menus.


All elements with an associated text.

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