THEME/NTHEME (since 3.26)

Applies a set of attributes to a control. The THEME attribute in inheritable and the NTHEME attribute is NOT inheritable.


Name of an IupUser element that contains the attributes. The name is associated in C using IupSetHandle. The name association must be done before setting the attribute. 


All attributes in the theme must be strings.

Only attributes that are registered in the element will receive its theme value.

Attributes that are registered as not being strings, read-only, write-only or callbacks will NOT be applied.

The theme can contain an specialized sub-theme for the element class. The element class name will be used with a "IUP" prefix to identify the sub-theme. For instance, if the element is a label, then an attribute called "IUPLABEL" can point to anohter theme name to be applied at the element additionally to the already applied attributes.

The global attribute DEFAULTTHEME can be applied to all elements during creation.


All controls.

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