Element’s foreground color. Usually it is the color of the associated text.


The RGB or RGBA components, in the format "R G B A".

Values should be between 0 and 255, separated by a blank space. For example "255 0 128", red=255 blue=0 green=128.

Alpha is optional and assumed to be 255 if not specified. But it is only supported in custom controls drawn by IUP, example IupGauge, IupDial, all IupFlat* controls, and only when using OpenGL, Cairo or Direct2D draw drivers. It is never supported when using X11, GDI or GDK draw drivers.

Default: It is the value of the DLGFGCOLOR or TXTFGCOLOR global attribute. TXTFGCOLOR is used on IupText, IupList, IupTree and IupScintilla. Usually is "0 0 0" - black.

Hexadecimal notation in the format "#RRGGBB" is also accepted in all color attributes. For example, "255 0 128" can also be written as "#FF0080".


All controls that have visual representation.

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