Element’s background color.


The RGB or RGBA components, in the format "R G B A".

Values should be between 0 and 255, separated by a blank space. For example "255 0 128", red=255 blue=0 green=128.

Alpha is optional and assumed to be 255 if not specified. But it is only supported in custom controls drawn by IUP, example IupGauge, IupDial, all IupFlat* controls, and only when using OpenGL, Cairo or Direct2D draw drivers. It is never supported when using X11, GDI or GDK draw drivers.

Default: It is the value of the DLGBGCOLOR or TXTBGCOLOR global attributes. TXTBGCOLOR is used on IupText, IupList, IupTree and IupScintilla (Usually is "255 255 255" - white.). On some controls if not defined will inherit the background of the native parent.

Hexadecimal notation in the format "#RRGGBB" is also accepted in all color attributes. For example, "255 0 128" can also be written as "#FF0080".


All controls that have visual representation, but with some restrictions.

Several controls have transparent parts that are not affected by the BGCOLOR.

See also the screenshots of the sample.c results with normal background, changing the dialog BACKGROUND, the dialog BGCOLOR and the children BGCOLOR.

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