RASTERSIZE (non inheritable)

Specifies the element User size, and returns the Current size, in pixels.

See the Layout Guide for more details on sizes.


"widthxheight", where width and height are integer values corresponding to the horizontal and vertical size, respectively, in pixels.

You can also set only one of the parameters by removing the other one and maintaining the separator "x", but this is equivalent of setting the other value to 0. For example: "x40" (height only = "0x40") or "40x" (width only = "40x0").

When this attribute is consulted the Current size of the control is returned. If both values are 0 then NULL is returned.


All, except menus.


When this attribute is set, it resets the SIZE attribute. So changes to the FONT attribute will not affect the User size of the element.

To obtain the last computed Natural size of the control in pixels, use the read-only attribute NATURALSIZE. (Since 3.6)

To obtain the User size of the element in pixels after it is mapped, use the attribute USERSIZE. (Since 3.12)

A User size of "0x0" can be set, it can also be set using NULL. If both values are 0 then NULL is returned.

If you wish to use the User size only as an initial size, change this attribute to NULL after the control is mapped, the returned size in IupGetAttribute will still be the Current size.

The element is NOT immediately repositioned. Call IupRefresh to update the dialog layout.

IupMap also updates the dialog layout even if it is already mapped, so calling it or calling IupShow, IupShowXY or IupPopup (they all call IupMap) will also update the dialog layout.

See the Layout Guide for mode details on sizes.

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