Instead of using IupSetHandle and IupSetAttribute with a new creative name, this function automatically creates a non conflict name and associates the name with the attribute.

It is very useful for associating images and menus.


void IupSetAttributeHandle(Ihandle *ih, const char *name, Ihandle *ih_named); [in C]
void IupSetAttributeHandleId(Ihandle *ih, const char *name, int id, Ihandle *ih_named); [in C]
void IupSetAttributeHandleId2(Ihandle *ih, const char *name, int lin, int col, Ihandle *ih_named); [in C]
[There is no equivalent in Lua] 

ih: identifier of the interface element.
name: name of the attribute.
id, lin, col: used when the attribute has additional ids. (since 3.21)
ih_named: element to associate using a name

The function will not check for inheritance since all the attributes that associate handles are not inheritable.


This work is automatically done in Lua when an attribute that is an element name is set to an element handle. In other words, in Lua you can set a string or a handle as the attribute value, when a handle is used a name is automatically created just as the IupSetAttributeHandle.

See Also

IupGetAttributeHandle, IupSetAttribute, IupSetAttributes, IupSetHandle