IupAnimatedLabel (since 3.17)

Creates an animated label interface element, which displays an image that is changed periodically.

It uses an animation that is simply an IupUser with several IupImage as children.

It inherits from IupLabel.


Ihandle* IupAnimatedLabel(Ihandle* animation); [in C]
iup.animatedlabel{animation: ihandle} -> (ih: ihandle) [in Lua]
animatedlabel(animation) [in LED]

animation: element that contains the list of images. It can be NULL.

Returns: the identifier of the created element, or NULL if an error occurs.


All IupLabel attributes. The IMAGE attribute is periodically changed by a timer.

Additionally it defines the following non-inheritable attributes.

START (write-only): starts the animation. The value is ignored. By default the animation is stopped.

STOP (write-only): stops the animation. The value is ignored.

STOPWHENHIDDEN: automatically stops the animation when the label is hidden. Default: Yes. (since 3.18)

RUNNING (read-only): return YES if the animation is running.

FRAMETIME: The time between each frame. If the IupUser element has a FRAMETIME attribute it will be used to set the IupAnimatedLabel FRAMETIME attribute, but it can be overwritten later on.

FRAMECOUNT (read-only): number of frames in the animation. It is simply IupGetChildCount of the given IupUser element.

ANIMATION: the name of the element that contains the list of images. The value passed must be the name of an IupUser element with several IupImage as children. Use IupSetHandle or IupSetAttributeHandle to associate a child to a name. In Lua you can also use the element reference directly.

ANIMATION_HANDLE: same as ANIMATION but directly using the Ihandle* of the element.


All IupLabel callbacks. No label callbacks are used internally.


The IupImageLib contains a simple animation to show an indefinite progress called "IUP_CircleProgressAnimation".

The IUP-IM functions has two functions that can create an animation from image files called IupLoadAnimation and IupLoadAnimationFrames.


 label = IupAnimatedLabel(NULL);
IupSetAttribute(label, "ANIMATION", "IUP_CircleProgressAnimation");
IupSetAttribute(label, "START", "Yes");

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See Also

IupLabel, IupUser, IupImage, IupImageLib, IUP-IM.