IupMessageError (since 3.22)

Shows a modal dialog containing an error message. It simply creates and popup a IupMessageDlg with DIALOGTYPE=ERROR.

Creation and Show

void IupMessageError(Ihandle* parent, const char *message); [in C]
iup.MessageError(parent: ihandle, message: string) [in Lua]

parent: parent dialog, can be NULL.
message: text message contents. It can be a language pre-defined string without the "_@" prefix.


If parent is NULL the title defaults to "Error!" and tries the global attribute "PARENTDIALOG" as the parent dialog.

The dialog title will be the same title of the parent dialog.

The dialog is shown centered relative to its parent.


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See Also

IupGetFile, IupScanf, IupListDialog, IupAlarm, IupMessage, IupMessageDlg