Shows a modal dialog to select items from a simple or multiple selection list.

Creation and Show

int IupListDialog(int type, const char *title, int size, const char** list, int op, int max_col, int max_lin, int* marks); [in C]
iup.ListDialog(type: number, title: string, size: number, list: table of strings, op: number, max_col: number, max_lin: number, marks: table of numbers) -> status: number [in Lua]

type: 1=simple selection; 2=multiple selection
title: Text for the dialog’s title
size: Number of options
list: List of options. Must have size elements
op: Initial selected item when type=1. starts at 1 (note that this index is different from the return value, kept for compatibility reasons)
max_col: number of visible columns in the list
max_lin: number of visible lines in the list
marks: List of the items selection state, used only when type=2. Can be NULL when type=1. When type=2 must have size elements

Returns: When type=1, the function returns the number of the selected option (starts at 0), or -1 if the user cancels the operation.
             When type=2, the function returns -1 when the user cancels the operation. If the user does not cancel the operation the function returns 1 and the marks parameter will have value 1 for the options selected by the user and value 0 for non-selected options. In Lua, the input table mark is changed.


The dialog uses a global attribute called "PARENTDIALOG" as the parent dialog if it is defined. It also uses a global attribute called "ICON" as the dialog icon if it is defined.


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