Shows a modal dialog containing a message. It simply creates and popup a IupMessageDlg.

Creation and Show

void IupMessage(const char *title, const char *message); [in C]
void IupMessagef(const char *title, const char *format, ...); [in C]
void IupMessageV(const char *title, const char *format, va_list arglist); [in C]
iup.Message(title: string, message: string) [in Lua]

title: dialog title
message: text message contents
format: same format as the C sprintf function


The IupMessage function shows a dialog centralized on the screen, showing the message and the “OK” button. The ‘\n’ character can be added to the message to indicate line change.

The dialog uses a global attribute called "PARENTDIALOG" as the parent dialog if it is defined. It also uses a global attribute called "ICON" as the dialog icon if it is defined (used only in Motif, in Windows MessageBox does not have an icon in the title bar).


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See Also

IupGetFile, IupScanf, IupListDialog, IupAlarm, IupMessageDlg