Shows a modal dialog which allows the user to select a color. Based on IupColorDlg.

Creation and Show

int IupGetColor(int x, int y, unsigned char *r, unsigned char *g, unsigned char *b); [in C]
iup.GetColor(x, y[, r, g, b: number]) -> (r, g, b: number)  [in Lua]

x, y: x, y values of the IupPopup function.
r, g, b: Pointers to variables that will receive the color selected by the user if the OK button is pressed. The value in the variables at the moment the function is called defines the color being selected when the dialog is shown. If the OK button is not pressed, the r, g and b values are not changed. These values cannot be NULL in C, in Lua they are optional and used for initialization only.

Returns: in C a code 1 if the OK button is pressed, or 0 otherwise. In Lua the code is not returned, instead the r,g,b values are returned or nil otherwise.


The dialog uses a global attribute called "PARENTDIALOG" as the parent dialog if it is defined. It also uses a global attribute called "ICON" as the dialog icon if it is defined.


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See Also

IupMessage, IupScanf, IupListDialog, IupAlarm, IupGetFile.