CD_METAFILE - CD Metafile Driver (cdmf.h)

This driver allows the generation of a CD Metafile, a very simple format that includes calls to functions of the CD library and provides persistence to its primitives.


The file is created by calling function cdCreateCanvas(CD_METAFILE, Data). The Data parameter is a string that must contain the filename and the canvas dimensions, in the following format:

"filename [width_mmxheight_mm] [resolution]" or in C use "%s %gx%g %g"

Only the parameter filename is required. The filename must be inside double quotes (") if it has spaces. width_mm and height_mm are provided in millimeters (note the lowercase "x" between them), and their default value in pixels is INT_MAX for both dimensions. Resolution is the number of pixels per millimeter; its default value is "3.78 pixels/mm" (96 DPI). Width, height and resolution are real values.

Any amount of such canvases may exist simultaneously. It is important to note that a call to function cdKillCanvas is required to close the file properly.

Images - Be careful when saving images in the file, because it uses a text format to store all numbers and texts of primitives, including images, which significantly increases its size.

Extension - Although this is not required, we recommend the extension used for the file to be ".MF".

Behavior of Functions

Coordinate System and Clipping


  • FontDim: uses a size estimator, returning approximate values.
  • TextSize: uses a size estimator, returning approximate values.
  • Colors


    Client Images

    Server Images