Sets an attribute in the global environment. If the driver process the attribute then it will not be stored internally.


void IupSetGlobal(const char *name, const char *value); [in C]
void IupSetStrGlobal(const char *name, const char *value); [in C]
iup.SetGlobal(name: string, value: string) [in Lua]

name: name of the attribute.
value: value of the attribute. If it equals NULL (nil in IupLua), the attribute will be removed.


IupSetGlobal can store only constant strings (like "Title", "30", etc) or application pointers. The given value is not duplicated as a string, only a reference is stored. Therefore, you can store application custom attributes, such as a context structure to be used in a callback.

IupSetStrGlobal (old IupStoreGlobal) can only store strings. The given string value will be duplicated internally.

IupSetAttribute functions can also be used to set global attributes, just set the element to NULL.

See Also

IupGetGlobal, Global Attributes