Returns an attribute value from the global environment. The value can be returned from the driver or from the internal storage.


char *IupGetGlobal(const char *name); [in C]
iup.GetGlobal(name: string) -> value: string [in Lua]

name: name of the attribute.

Returns: the attribute value. If the attribute does not exist, NULL (nil in Lua) is returned.


This function’s return value is not necessarily the same one used by the application to set the attribute’s value.

The returned value is not necessarily the same pointer used by the application to define the attribute value. The pointers of internal IUP attributes returned by IupGetGlobal should never be freed or changed, except when it is a custom application pointer that was stored using IupSetGlobal and allocated by the application.

 The returned pointer can be used safely even if IupGetGlobal or IupGetAttribute are called several times. But not too many times, because it is an internal buffer and after IUP may reuse it after around 50 calls.

IupGetAttribute can also be used to get global attributes, just set the element to NULL.

See Also

 IupSetGlobal, Global Attributes