Instead of using IupGetAttribute and IupGetHandle, this function directly returns the associated handle.


Ihandle* IupGetAttributeHandle(Ihandle *ih, const char *name); [in C]
Ihandle* IupGetAttributeHandleId(Ihandle *ih, const char *name, int id); [in C]
Ihandle* IupGetAttributeHandleId2(Ihandle *ih, const char *name, int lin, int col); [in C]
iup.GetAttributeHandleHandle(name: string) -> ih: ihandle [in Lua] (since 3.25)

ih: identifier of the interface element.
name: name of the attribute.
id, lin, col: used when the attribute has additional ids. (since 3.21)

Returns: the element with the associated name. The function will not check for inheritance since all the attributes that associate handles are not inheritable.

See Also

IupSetAttributeHandle, IupSetAttribute, IupSetAttributes, IupSetHandle