Hides an interface element. This function has the same effect as attributing value "NO" to the interface element’s VISIBLE attribute.


int IupHide(Ihandle *ih); [in C]
iup.Hide(ih: ihandle) -> (ret: number) [in Lua]
or ih:hide() -> (ret: number) [in Lua]

ih: Identifier of the interface element.

Returns: IUP_NOERROR always.


Once a dialog is hidden, either by means of IupHide or by changing the VISIBLE attribute or by means of a click in the window close button, the elements inside this dialog are not destroyed, so that you can show the dialog again. To destroy dialogs, the IupDestroy function must be called.

See Also

IupShowXY, IupShow, IupPopup, IupDestroy.