IupFontDlg (since 3.0)

Creates the Font Dialog element. It is a predefined dialog for selecting a font. The dialog can be shown with the IupPopup function only.


Ihandle* IupFontDlg(void); [in C]
iup.fontdlg{} -> (elem: ihandle) [in Lua]
fontdlg() [in LED]

Returns: the identifier of the created element, or NULL if an error occurs.


PREVIEWTEXT [GTK and Motif only]: the text shown in the preview area. If not defined, the system will provide a default text.

COLOR [Windows Only]: The initial color value and the returned selected value if the user pressed the Ok button. In Windows the Choose Font dialog allows the user to select a color from a pre-defined list of colors. Since IUP 3.15 must set SHOWCOLOR=Yes to enable this option.

PARENTDIALOG (creation only): Name of a dialog to be used as parent. This dialog will be always in front of the parent dialog.

STATUS (read-only): defined to "1" if the user pressed the Ok button, "0" or NULL if pressed the Cancel button.

TITLE: Dialog title.

VALUE: The initial font value and the selected value returned if the user pressed the Ok button. Has the same format as the FONT attribute.


HELP_CB: Action generated when the Help button is pressed.


The IupFontDlg is a native pre-defined dialog not altered by IupSetLanguage.

To show the dialog, use function IupPopup. In Lua, use the popup function.

The dialog is mapped only inside IupPopup, IupMap does nothing.

In Windows, the dialog will be modal relative only to its parent or to the active dialog.

In GTK uses gtk_font_selection_dialog (GTK 2) or gtk_font_chooser (GTK 3), in Windows uses ChooseFont, and in Motif uses a custom dialog implemented using IUP controls.


Ihandle* dlg = IupFontDlg();

IupSetAttribute(dlg, "VALUE", "Times New Roman, Bold 20");
IupSetAttribute(dlg, "TITLE", "IupFontDlg Test");
IupSetCallback(dlg, "HELP_CB", (Icallback)help_cb);


if (IupGetInt(dlg, "STATUS"))
  printf("  VALUE(%s)\n", IupGetAttribute(dlg, "VALUE"));
  printf("  COLOR(%s)\n", IupGetAttribute(dlg, "COLOR"));

Windows XP

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