IupClassInfoDialog (since 3.28)

Creates an Iup Class Information dialog. It is a predefined dialog to show all registered classes, each class attributes and callbacks. It is a standard IupDialog constructed with other IUP elements. The dialog can be shown with any of the show functions IupShow, IupShowXY or IupPopup.

This is a dialog intended for developers, so they can see attributes and callbacks information of a class.


Ihandle* IupClassInfoDialog(Ihandle* parent); [in C]
iup.ClassInfoDialog(parent: ihandle) -> (dlg: ihandle) [in Lua]
[NOT available in LED]

parent: dialog to be used as parent for the classinfo dialog. Can be NULL.

Returns: the identifier of the created dialog, or NULL if an error occurs.


Check the IupDialog attributes.


Check the IupDialog callbacks.


IupShow(IupClassInfoDialog());   [in C]

iup.Show(iup.ClassInfoDialog())    [in Lua]

The dialog is displayed next. The Help button shows the Iup class documentation page on the Tecgraf web site.

See Also

IupDialog, IupShow, IupShowXY, IupPopup, IupLayoutDialog