Class Object Functions
[Ihandle Class]

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IUP_SDK_API int iupClassObjectCreate (Ihandle *ih, void **params)
IUP_SDK_API int iupClassObjectMap (Ihandle *ih)
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectUnMap (Ihandle *ih)
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectDestroy (Ihandle *ih)
IUP_SDK_API void * iupClassObjectGetInnerNativeContainerHandle (Ihandle *ih, Ihandle *child)
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectChildAdded (Ihandle *ih, Ihandle *child)
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectChildRemoved (Ihandle *ih, Ihandle *child, int pos)
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectLayoutUpdate (Ihandle *ih)
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectComputeNaturalSize (Ihandle *ih, int *w, int *h, int *children_expand)
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectSetChildrenCurrentSize (Ihandle *ih, int shrink)
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectSetChildrenPosition (Ihandle *ih, int x, int y)
IUP_SDK_API int iupClassObjectDlgPopup (Ihandle *ih, int x, int y)
IUP_SDK_API int iupClassObjectHasDlgPopup (Ihandle *ih)

Detailed Description

Stubs for the class methods. They implement inheritance and check if method is NULL.
See iup_class.h

Function Documentation

IUP_SDK_API int iupClassObjectCreate ( Ihandle *  ih,
void **  params 

Calls Iclass::Create method.

IUP_SDK_API int iupClassObjectMap ( Ihandle *  ih  ) 

Calls Iclass::Map method.

IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectUnMap ( Ihandle *  ih  ) 

Calls Iclass::UnMap method.

IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectDestroy ( Ihandle *  ih  ) 

Calls Iclass::Destroy method.

IUP_SDK_API void* iupClassObjectGetInnerNativeContainerHandle ( Ihandle *  ih,
Ihandle *  child 

Calls Iclass::GetInnerNativeContainerHandle method. Returns ih->handle if there is no inner parent. The parent class is ignored. If necessary the child class must handle the parent class internally.

IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectChildAdded ( Ihandle *  ih,
Ihandle *  child 

Calls Iclass::ChildAdded method.

IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectChildRemoved ( Ihandle *  ih,
Ihandle *  child,
int  pos 

Calls Iclass::ChildRemoved method.

IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectLayoutUpdate ( Ihandle *  ih  ) 

Calls Iclass::LayoutUpdate method.

IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectComputeNaturalSize ( Ihandle *  ih,
int *  w,
int *  h,
int *  children_expand 
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectSetChildrenCurrentSize ( Ihandle *  ih,
int  shrink 
IUP_SDK_API void iupClassObjectSetChildrenPosition ( Ihandle *  ih,
int  x,
int  y 
IUP_SDK_API int iupClassObjectDlgPopup ( Ihandle *  ih,
int  x,
int  y 

Calls Iclass::DlgPopup method.

IUP_SDK_API int iupClassObjectHasDlgPopup ( Ihandle *  ih  ) 

Checks if class has the Iclass::DlgPopup method.