Version 4.20 (24/May/2020)

Version 4.16 (11/May/2018)

Version 4.15 (06/May/2016)

Version 4.14 (15/Sep/2015)

Version 4.13 (24/Apr/2015)

Version 4.12 (03/Feb/2015) - Internal

Version 4.11 (19/Nov/2014)

Version 4.10 (12/Ago/2014) - Internal

Version 4.9 (25/Jul/2014)

Version 4.8 (21/Nov/2013)

Version 4.7 (08/May/2013)

Version 4.6 (26/Nov/2012)

Version 4.5 (20/Dec/2011)

Version 4.4 (15/Feb/2011)

Version 4.3 (12/Nov/2010)

Version 4.2 (19/Oct/2010)

Version 4.1 (22/Jun/2010)

Version 4.0 (23/Apr/2010)

Version 3.21 (18/Jan/2010)

Version 3.20 (28/09/2009)

Version 3.19 (26/06/2009)

Version 3.18 (04/Apr/2009)

Version 3.17 (15/Dec/2008)

Version 3.16 (19/Nov/2008)

Version 3.15 (17/Oct/2008)

Version 3.14 (01/Oct/2008)

Version 3.13 (16/Mar/2008)

Version 3.12 (26/Nov/2007)

Version 3.11 (15/Apr/2007)

Version 3.10 (26/Nov/2006)

Version 3.9.5 (30/Oct/2006)

Version 3.9.4 (03/Apr/2006)

Version 3.9.3 (31/Mar/2006)

Version 3.9.2 (31/Jan/2006)

Version 3.9.1 (15/Dec/2005)

Version 3.9 (28/Nov/2005)

Version 3.8 (26/Jul/2005)

Version 3.7 (10/Jun/2005)

Version 3.6 (23/May/2005)

Version 3.5 (28/Mar/2005)

Version 3.4 (23/Nov/2004)

Version 3.3 (23/Apr/2004)

Version 3.2 (02/Aug/2003)

Version 3.1 (17/Jul/2003)

Version 3.0.1 (19/Jul/2002)

Version 3.0   (28/May/2002)

Variables and parameters removed:

update, optimize, release, WINFLAGS, USE_*_BETA

Variables and parameters modified:

- In Windows it is no longer necessary to use "\\" to separate folders, use always "/".
- The name of the dependencies file was changed, now it is "<lib/appname>.dep".
- The use of the name "config.mak" is no longer required, but for such one must define parameter "MF=name" in the command line.
- The name of the LUA variable was changed to EXPLUA.
- The name of the LIB variable was changed to LIBS.
- It is now possible to work with subfolders in folder "src".
- The LED variable was replaced with EXPCFG, more general.
- RCS is no longer default, it needs to be activated by variable USE_RCS in "config.mak".

New variables and parameters:

- SRCDIR allows specifying a subfolder for source files.
- SRCLUA allows specifying LUA files to be compiled to LO.
- EXTRASRC allows specifying additional source files for distribution.
- DBG allows activating depuration flags.
- USE_X11, USE_LUA, USE_LUA4, USE_OPENGL to be used in the respective libraries.
- USE_CC to use the new "cc" compiler.
- Applications for all compilers in Windows are generated.
- New compilers in Windows: vc7, gcc2 (Cygwin) and wc11 (OpenWatcom).