Complete Samples

Standard Controls

The following example creates a dialog with virtually all of IUP standard elements as well as some variations of them, with some attributes changed. The same example is implemented in C, LED and Lua. The C code is ready to compile. The LED code can be loaded and viewed in the IupView application. The Lua code can be loaded and executed in the IupLua standalone application.

in C in LED in IupLua
sample.c sample.led sample.lua

You can see the results in Windows, Motif and GTK on the Sample Results.

All Samples

The IUP samples are spread in the documentation. Each control, dialog, menu has its own set of examples in C, LED and Lua.

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This application uses IUP and OpenGL to create a window with two canvases and draw a video capture image into one canvas. A processed image can be displayed in the second canvas. It can also process frames from a video file. It is very useful for Computer Vision courses. You can download the source code here: You will also need to download IUP, CD and IM libraries for the compiler you use.

External Samples

The CD and IM libraries have samples that use IUP, check in their documentation.

Some freely available applications also use IUP:

ImLab - Image Processing Laboratory

EdPatt - Pattern Editor

Ftool - Two-dimensional Frame Analysis Tool

The Lua for Windows distribution is a 'batteries included environment' for the Lua scripting language on Windows, that also includes LuaGL, IUP, CD and IM.