Resources are several auxiliary tools including menus, images, fonts and global names.

Some objects like menus and images, that are not inserted in a dialog children tree, are in fact "associated" with dialogs or controls.

Menus can be associated with dialogs only. Images can be associated with labels, buttons, toggles and menu items (this last in Windows only).

Both images and menus to be associated use a global table of names. This exist because of the LED scripts. First you associate the image or menu Ihandle to a name, then you associated the MENU or IMAGE attribute to the respective name.

For example, in C:

Ihandle* img = IupImage (11, 11, pixmap) ;
IupSetHandle("myImg", img);
IupSetAttribute(myButton, "IMAGE", "myImg") ;

or in LED:

myImg = image[...] (
myButton = button[IMAGE = myImg]("")

or in Lua:

myImg = iupimage {
myButton = iupbutton { title = "", image = myImg }

The IupView application is capable of converting several image formats into an IupImage, and save an IupImage as LED, Lua or ICO.

Only dialogs, timers, popup menus and images can be destroyed. Menu bars associated with dialogs are automatically destroyed.