Additional Controls Library

Several additional controls are included in this library. These controls are drawn by IUP using CD on a IupCanvas control, and are not native controls.

The iupcontrols.h file must be included in the source code. If you plan to use the control in Lua, you should also include iupluacontrols.h.

The IupControlsOpen function must be called after IupOpen. To make the controls available in Lua use require"iupluacontrols" or manually call the initialization function in C, iupcontrolslua_open, after calling iuplua_open.

When manually calling the function your application must be linked to the control library (iupcontrols), the CD_IUP driver (iupcd), and with the CD library (cd). To use its bindings to Lua, the program must also be linked to the iupluacontrols library.