Sets several attributes of an interface element and optionally sets its name.


Ihandle* IupSetAtt(const char* handle_name, Ihandle* ih, const char* name, ...); [in C]
Ihandle* IupSetAttV(const char* handle_name, Ihandle* ih, const char* name, va_list arglist); [in C]
[There is no equivalent in Lua]

handle_name: optional handle name. IupSetHandle will be called internally. can be NULL.
: Identifier of the interface element.
name: name of the first attribute.
...: after name a value must be set, then a sequence of name and value pairs can follow until a NULL name is found. It must be a constant string because IupSetAttribute will be used internally.

Returns: ih


This function returns the same Ihandle it receives. This way, it is a lot easier to create dialogs in C. See also IupSetCallbacks.

dialog = IupSetAtt("MainDialog", IupDialog(
    IupSetAtt(NULL, IupHBox(
       IupSetAtt("MainCanvas", IupCanvas(NULL), "BORDER", "NO", "RASTERSIZE", "100x100", NULL),
       NULL), "MARGIN", "10x10", NULL),
    "TITLE", "Test", NULL);

Creates a list with country names and defines Japan as the selected option.

Ihandle *list = IupList(NULL);
IupSetAtt(NULL, list, "VALUE", "3", "1", "Brazil", "2", "USA", "3", "Japan", "4", "France", NULL);

See Also

IupGetAttribute, IupSetAttribute, IupGetAttributes, IupSetAttributes