IupSaveImageAsText (since 3.0)

Saves the IupImage as a text file to be reused in other programs.

It does NOT depends on the IM library.


int IupSaveImageAsText(Ihandle* ih, const char* file_name, const char* format, const char* name); [in C]
iup.SaveImageAsText(ih: ihandle, file_name, format[, name]: string) -> (ret: boolean) [in Lua]

ih: handle of the IupImage.
file_name: Name of the file to be loaded.
format: text format. Can be: "LED", "LUA" or "C".
name: name of the image. Can be NULL.

Returns: zero if failed, non zero value if success.


If name is NULL and the IupImage is associated with a name then that name is used, if no name is associated then "image" will be used.

See Also

IupImage, IUP-IM Functions