Records all mouse and keyboard input in a file for later reproduction.


int IupRecordInput(const char *filename, int mode); [in C]
iup.RecordInput(filename: string, mode: number) -> ret: number [in Lua]

filename: name of the file to be saved. NULL will stop recording.
mode: flag for controlling the file generation. Can be: IUP_RECBINARY or IUP_RECTEXT.

Returns: IUP_NOERROR if successful, IUP_ERROR if failed to open the file for writing.


Any existing file will be replaced.

Must stop recording before exiting the application.

It uses the global callbacks enabled by the INPUTCALLBACKS global attribute.

Mouse position is relative to the top left corner of the screen and it is independent from the controls and dialogs being manipulated.

The generated file can be used by IupPlayInput to reproduce the same events.

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