IupGetClassType (Since 3.0)

Returns the name of the native type of an interface element.


char* IupGetClassType(Ihandle* ih); [in C]
iup.GetClassType(ih: ihandle) -> (name: string) [in Lua]

ih: Identifier of the interface element.

Returns: the class type.


There are only a few pre-defined class types:

"void" - No native representation - HBOX, VBOX, ZBOX, FILL, RADIO, ...
"control" - Native controls - BUTTON, LABEL, TOGGLE, LIST, TEXT, MULTILINE, FRAME, ...
"canvas" - Drawing canvas, also used as a base control for custom controls (Flat* elements, GL*, Plot, Matrix, ...)
"dialog" - dialogs, pre-defined dialogs
"image" - all image types
"menu" - all menu types: MENU, SUBMENU, ITEM, SEPARATOR
"other" - other resources: TIMER, CLIPBOARD, USER, ... (since 3.28)

See Also

IupGetClassName, IupGetClassAttributes