Creates an interface element given its class name and parameters. This function is called from all constructors like IupDialog(...), IupLabel(...), and so on.

After creation the element still needs to be attached to a container and mapped to the native system so it can be visible.


Ihandle* IupCreate(const char *classname); [in C]
Ihandle* IupCreatev(const char *classname, void **params); [in C]
Ihandle *IupCreatep(const char *classname, void* params0, ...); [in C]
Ihandle* IupCreateV(const char *classname, void* first, va_list arglist); [in C]
[Not available in Lua]

classname: class name of the element to be created
params: list of parameters limited by a NULL.

Returns: the identifier of the created element, or NULL if an error occurs.

See Also

IupAppend, IupDetach, IupMap, IupUnmap, IupDestroy, IupGetClassName