Action generated when an audio device receives an event.

[Windows Only]


int function(Ihandle *ih, int state); [in C]
ih:wom_cb(state: number) -> (ret: number) [in Lua]

ih: identifies the element that activated the event.
state: can be opening=1, done=0, or closing=-1.


This callback is used to syncronize video playback with audio. It is sent when the audio device:

Message Description
opening is opened by using the waveOutOpen function.
done is finished with a data block sent by using the waveOutWrite function.
closing is closed by using the waveOutClose function.

You must use the HWND attribute when calling waveOutOpen in the dwCallback parameter and set fdwOpen to CALLBACK_WINDOW.


IupDialog, IupCanvas, IupGLCanvas