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File Operations

The File Menu

Exporting screen display images through the Clipboard

Model Creation and Manipulation

The Edit Toolbar

Members and Nodes

Creation of Dimension Lines

Keyboard Mode

Selection Mode

Undo and Redo


Visualization Controls

The Visualization Control Toolbar

Coordinate Control

The Display Menu


The Options Menu

Analysis Type

Sizes of supports, hinges, loads, and text in the display

Superposition of static load and load-train results

Solver file

Formatting Units and Numbers

Unit Systems

Node and Member Attributes

Control of Node and Member Attributes

Features common to sub-menus

Material Parameters

Member Section Properties

Support Conditions

Connection of Member Ends to Nodes

Constraints on Member Deformations

Defining the Applied Loads

The Load Control Toolbar

General Information

Nodal Loads

Moments Acting on Member Ends

Uniformly Distributed Loads

Linear Distributed Loads

Thermal Loads (Temperature Changes)

Load-Trains (Vehicle Live Loads for Bridges)


Result Modes

Diagram Toolbar

Influence Line Toolbar

Load-train Envelopes Toolbar

Sign Convention for Internal Forces and Moments

Scaling of Diagrams, Envelopes and Influence Lines

Numerical Display of Results

Advanced Edition

How to Upgrade

Compatibility with Educational Edition

User Default Configurations

Trapezoid Composition Cross-section

Loading Terminology

Load Cases

Load Combinations

The Static Loads and Load Trains Dropdowns

Load Case/Combination Result Envelopes

Static Envelope Results