History of Changes

Version 5.14 (30/Jul/2020)

Version 5.13 (18/May/2020)

Version 5.12 (07/Jan/2019)

Version 5.11.1 (01/Jul/2017)

Version 5.11 (30/Sep/2016)

Version 5.10 (25/Jun/2016)

Version 5.9 (15/Set/2015)

Version 5.8.2 (27/Apr/2015)

Version 5.8.1 (18/Nov/2014)

Version 5.8 (25/Jul/2014)

Version 5.7 (22/Nov/2013)

Version 5.6.1 (08/May/2013)

Version 5.6 (28/Nov/2012)

Version 5.5.1 (24/May/2012)

Version 5.5 (04/Jan/2012)

Version 5.4.1 (09/Nov/2010)

Version 5.4 (24/June/2010)

Version 5.3 (26/Jan/2010)

Version 5.2 (26/Jun/2009)

Version 5.1.1 (15/Dec/2008)

Version 5.1 (14/Oct/2008)

Version 5.0 (26/Nov/2007)

Version 5.0 RC2 (09/Apr/2007)

Version 5.0 RC1 (08/Mar/2007)

Version 4.4 (12/Dec/2005)

Version 4.3.3 (25/Aug/2004)

Version 4.3.2 (14/Apr/2004)

Version 4.3.1 (07/Nov/2003)

Version 4.3 (06/Mar/2003)

Version 4.2 (20/July/2001)

Version 4.1.10 (04/May/2000)

Version 4.1 (24/Nov/99)

Version 4.0.1 (05/Mar/99)

Version 4.0 (18/Feb/99)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is not totally compatible to the previous one. The applications using the driver IUP must be relinked, as this driver is now in a separate library, "cdiup". The Lua applications must also be modified to include a call to function cdluaiup_open after cdlua_open, and must be linked with the "cdluaiup" library. The SIMULATE driver no longer exists, therefore the applications that used it must be modified to use the new function, cdSimulate, without the need for creating a new driver.

Version 3.6 (05/May/98)

Version 3.5 (07/Jan/98)

Version 3.4 (12/Nov/97)

Version 3.3 (19/Sep/97)

Version 3.2

Version 3.1

Version 3.0

Version 2.2.1

Version 2.2.0

New: Functions:

cdVersion - returns the current library version.
cdNativeFont - sets a native font.
cdPutImageRect - same as cdPutImage but you may specify a part of the image.
cdPutImageRGBA - cdPutImageRGB with transparency.
wdFont - cdFont for the WD client, the size parameter is in millimeters.

New: Drivers:

NativeWindow - now the library can work with other Interface libraries.
DGN - MicroStation Design File.
EMF - Windows Enhanced Metafile.
CD Metafile - our own metafile.
Client Image RGB - now you can write in an RGB image.

Up to Version 2.1