Qaf Framework Documentation



Qaf is a "game logic framework" tailored for 2D side-scrollers/platformers written in C++. It provides classes, templates, and tools designed to organize the resources and orchestrate the behavior of such projects.

Qaf is an extension to Haaf's Game Engine (see Requirements, below).



Qaf itself is free for use in any project, commercial or otherwise (a.k.a. the Free Lunch License). The required libraries (see below), however, have different licenses that need to be observed.


See the Change Log and History if you're upgrading from a previous version.

Requirements for Development


Qaf assumes the developers are familiar with HGE and its functions. This framework does not "encapsulate" the engine, and you will have to use HGE functions directly on several occasions.

The Room Editor is an external application where the level designer is able to build and visualize the game's backgrounds. The resulting elements, called "rooms," are stored in resource files that can be loaded with functions in the Qaf C++ library.



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