IupImageLib (since 3.0)

A library of pre-defined images for buttons and labels. See IupImageLib up to IUP 2.x.


To generate an application that uses this function, the program must be linked to the functions library (iupimglib.lib on Windows and libiupimglib.a on Unix).


void IupImageLibOpen(void); [in C]
iup.ImageLibOpen()  [in Lua]

This function register the names but do not load the images. The images will be loaded only if they are used in a control. The loaded images will be automatically released at IupClose.

In Lua, when require"iupluaimglib" is used this function will be automatically called.


The following names can be used after the library initialization. The names are NOT registered using IupSetHandle, they will be automatically loaded when associated with a control.

Bitmap Group

These bitmaps are 16x16-8bpp (Motif) and 16x16-32bpp (Win32 and GTK) pixels size images that can be used in Buttons, usually inside toolbars.

Name Image

Icon Group

These icons are 32x32-32bpp pixels size (or just 32 pixels height) images that can be used in Labels, usually inside toolbars.

Name Image
Name Image

Logo Group (NOT included in the pre-compiled library, since 3.3)

These logos are 48x48-32bpp pixels size (or just 48 pixels height) images that can be used in Labels, usually inside dialogs.

Name Image
Name Image

Other (NOT included in the pre-compiled library, since 3.3)

Here are other images available in the IUP stock library, commonly used by the respective systems. All images are 48x48-32bpp pixels size.

Name Image
Name Image


All 8bpp images are from the old ImageLib and since Motif does not have any stock images, we selected this set to be used in Motif. Although the IUP Motif driver supports 32bpp images.

The pre-compiled library does not include images larger than 48x48 (inclusive). If you want to use them you must include their source code, or re-compile the library defining USE_IUP_IMGLIB_LARGE during compilation, for example: "make USE_IUP_IMGLIB_LARGE=1".

Not available in AIX.

All "Win32" images copyright Microsoft and were extracted from the Visual Studio 2005 Image Library. Their use must be used consistently with their description in the Visual Studio 2005 Image Library, and so consistently with the IUP name. These files are available with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for redistribution under the Visual Studio 2005 license.

GTK stock images are released under the GTK license.

PUC-Rio, Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, Petrobras and Lua images are copyright of the respective companies or owners.

Lua image graphic design by A. Nakonechnyj. Copyright 1998. All rights reserved.

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