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Ftool: A Structural Analysis Educational Interactive Tool
Author: Luiz Fernando Martha
Associate Professor
PUC-Rio - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Department of Civil Engineering and
Tecgraf - Computer Graphics Technology Group
Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225, Gávea
22453-900 - Rio de Janeiro - BRASIL
Phone: +55+21+3527-1189
Fax: +55+21+3527-1195

Users are free to use this educational version of the program. However, neither the author, nor PUC-Rio, nor Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, nor any related Institution are responsible for any use or misuse of the programs and the results. The aforementioned assume no liability or responsibility to any person or company for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of any information or the use of any of the software made available here. The user is responsible for any and all conclusions made while using the programs. There is no warranty and no guarantee.

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Version 3.00 of Ftool was released on 02/Aug/2012 and has been updated to fix the following problems:
(1) Updated on 19/Aug/2012: The program stopped working in very rare situations of analysis of influence lines or envelops of vehicle live load effects.
(2) Updated on 22/Aug/2012: The program stopped working when a concentrated force load was applied at a node with an inclined support (with skew angle).
(3) Updated on 03/Sep/2012: The program stopped working when a prescribed displacement or rotation component was applied with a null value.
(4) Updated on 06/Sep/2012: The program was not considering temperatura variation effects in the results.
(5) Updated on 19/Sep/2012: The program was given wrong internal force results for a model with all degrees-of-freedom fixed and with at least one component of prescribed displacement or rotation.
(6) Updated on 23/Nov/2012: Fixed input of structural models created prior to version 2.12: moment of inertia of generic cross-section was set with a null value.
(7) Updated on 08/Dec/2012: In case of a double click on a file with extension ".ftl", the program ran but did open the file.

Manual (on-line manual for version 3.00 is under preparation)

New features of the latest version 3.00 (August 2012)

New features of version 2.12 (February 2008)

Bug fix and corrections of versions prior to version 2.12

New features of version 2.11 (August 2002)

New features of version 2.10 (November 2001)

New features of version 2.09 (January 2001)

New features of version 2.08 (August 2000)

New features of version 2.07 (April 2000)

New features of version 2.06 (February 2000)


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