Research and Publications

Computer Graphics, Multiphisics and Multiscale Computer Simulation, Software Engineering and Distributed Systems Engineering, Databases, Optimization and Operational Research, Building Information Modeling

Research Areas

Computer Graphics

Geometric modeling; Computational Geometry; Domain Discretization; Massive Models Rendering; Image Processing; Computational Vision; Augmented Reality and Digital Interaction; Scientific Visualization and Photo-Realistic Visualization. Read More

Multiphisics and Multiscale Computer Simulation

Numerical Methods; Finite Elements; Discrete Elements; Boundary Elements; Finite Volumes. Applicable in: Medical Imaging, Oil Industry (Seismic, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Geotectonics, Reservoirs, Geomechanics, Risers and Mooring Systems, Off-Shore Naval Structures and Training Games). Read More

Software Engineering and Distributed Systems Engineering

Frameworks; Middleware; Agents; Distributed Systems Engineering; Scientific and Technological Solutions for the Construction of More Flexible, Robust, and Scalable Distributed Systems. Read More


Modelling; Ontologies; Semantic Web; Relational/Geographical/Distributed/Heterogeneous Databases; Big Data; no-SQL; Management and Monitoring of Moving Objects. Read More

Optimization and Operational Research

Mathematical Programming; Stochastic Processes; Heuristics and Meta- Heuristics; Simulation; Multi-Criteria Decision; Decision Theory and Games Theory. Read More

Building Information Modeling

New methodologies and engineering processes based on the organization and computational modeling of engineering information suited to the CAD/CAE systems’ current technologies. Read More