Tecgraf Institute

A Traditional Institution in the National and International Science and Computer Technology Scenario.

The Tecgraf Institute of Technical-Scientific Software Development of PUC-Rio (Tecgraf/PUC-Rio) stands out in the national and international scenario by developing innovations on computer systems applied to all areas of the petroleum production chain, mostly in cooperation with Petrobras. These innovations are based, predominantly, on researches conducted in partnership with the Academic Departments of PUC-Rio.

The outcome of a scientific-technological exchange agreement between PUC-Rio and Petrobras, signed on August 14th 1986, Tecgraf was created with the aim to unite, in an equitable manner, the scientific and technological production focusing on real-life problems.

Founded in 1987 as a laboratory of the Department of Informatics of PUC-Rio, Tecgraf became an Institute on June 26th 2013. The Institute, directly appointed under the Vice-Rectory of Development, is mandated for a more transversal action across the University.

Along the years, Tecgraf has developed, in partnership with Petrobras, more than 60 innovational software products in the areas of Geophysics, Geology, Reservoirs, Environment, Engineering, and Logistics; which today are largely used in several research, project, and production sectors.

In order to accomplish all that, Tecgraf is home to a team of approximately 360 people, including professors, PdDs, undergraduate and graduate students (Doctoral and Master), making the interaction process of university-industry a reality.

Tecgraf develops most of its projects in cooperation with PUC-Rio’s Departments of Informatics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering, while also taking part in Petrobras’ Thematic Networks, which involve several other foreign and national institutions.

Besides its continuous partnership with Petrobras, Tecgraf also holds partnerships with other companies, such as the Brazilian Marine, Infraero, and Globo Organization.

Tecgraf has always encouraged quality academic production from its faculty and has backed its students to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees. In its 27 years of existence, Tecgraf supported the academic formation of 184 Master graduates and 54 Doctoral graduates from PUC-Rio’s Departments of Informatics and Engineering.

Furthermore, PUC-Rio’s Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate courses also benefit from the Institute’s effort, since its faculty actively partake in these aforementioned courses by giving lectures, advising scientific initiation and monographs. The Institute supports undergraduate students through internships that enable them to apply their acquired knowledge in real life projects. Presently, Tecgraf counts with 29 graduate students and 37 undergraduate students taking part in its projects.

Nowadays, with almost thirty years of existence, Tecgraf is a solid and traditional institution in the national and international science and computer technology scenario. Tecgraf’s main challenge is to maintain its pioneering position on new research areas, in which computation is needed, as foundation or a tool, in an unpredictable and dynamic globalized world.