CD_DEBUG - CD Debug Driver (cddebug.h)

This driver creates a text file with a log of all function calls. But for only the functions that have a driver implementation and in the order that the driver implements sequece of functions like Begin/Vertex/End. Pointers are stored as addresses, and definitions are stored as the CD definition "CD_XXX".


The file is created by calling function cdCreateCanvas(CD_DEBUG, Data). The Data parameter is a string that must contain the filename and the canvas dimensions, in the following format:

"filename [widthxheight] [resolution]" or in C use "%s %gx%g %g"

Only the parameter filename is required. The filename must be inside double quotes (") if it has spaces. Width and height are provided in millimeters (note the lowercase "x" between them), and their default value in pixels is INT_MAX for both dimensions. Resolution is the number of pixels per millimeter; its default value is "3.78 pixels/mm" (96 DPI). Width, height and resolution are real values.

Any amount of such canvases may exist simultaneously. It is important to note that a call to function cdKillCanvas is required to close the file properly.

Behavior of Functions

Coordinate System and Clipping


  • FontDim: uses a size estimator, returning approximate values.
  • TextSize: uses a size estimator, returning approximate values.
  • Colors